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SIAL Innovation

SIAL innovation, food trend and innovations (E3)

SIAL Innovation, well known as the crown jewel of SIAL Network, shined in SIAL China each year. It aims to:

  • Discover the most innovative food products provided by SIAL CHINA exhibitors
  • Analyse consumer trends and new products in the Asian agri-food market

So meet us in the SIAL Innovation area: a unique global food innovation observatory developed in partnership with XTC World Innovation.

SIAL Innovation 2019

On 15th April, 2019, the TOP 10 Finalists were announced in Beijing. By demonstrating design and eating habit of today's food industry, these 10 products will be showcased in 2019 SIAL CHINA ,in Hall E3. Mr. X'avier Terlet, the President of XTC World Innovation, together with a team of industrail experts will announce the 3 Awards for Gold/ Silver/ Bronze at 15:30 on 14th May, 2019.

SIAL Innovation 2019 Grand Awards

Quality of Judges for SIAL Innovation 2019

Xavier Terlet - President of XTC World Innovation (innovation partner of SIAL China)

Dr. FONG LAI YING - Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi)

Junghoon Moon - Professor of Seoul National  University

Song Jun - General Manager of More-V Flying Eagle Farm Investment Co., Ltd. (USA)

Yufang - Chief Editor of Food Global Industry Magazine

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