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Exhibitor Registration

One-stop Service Platform


Once registered for SIAL China, you will be given access to your Exhibitor Online Area: a single space to prepare your exhibiting efficiently.

Your dedicated online space will enable you to:

  • Place all your orders online
  • Follow the preparation of your stand on a real-time basis
  • Optimize your attendance and visibility
  • Submit SIAL Innovation
  • Request your exhibitor’s service: badges, visas, etc.

Match-Making Platform


Thanks to the match-making platform, 26,331 appointments were initiated, 9,389 visitors and 1,027 exhibitors involved and 885 successful online appointments.

Target your buyers with the free Match-Making Platform

SIAL China has designed a brand new platform to connect exhibitors and buyers : plan your schedule ahead of the show and make sure you meet the right buyers!
  •     Focus on your target visitor
  •     Plan your schedule
  •     Improve your efficiency

Steps to make an appointment with your buyers

  1. Log in to the Match-Making system
  2. Search visitors by area & main activity
  3. Make appointments
  4. Meet visitor on site according to schedule

  • SIAL Innovation
  • La Cuisine
  • Retail & Hospitality Forum
  • China National Specialty Tea Brewers Cup
  • Chocolate World
  • Seafood Fest'
  • Wine Events