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South Australian Prawn Co-op IN SIAL CHINA

South Australian Prawn Co-op IN SIAL CHINA 2016


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South Australian Prawn Co-op Main Products

Fresh and semi-preserved fish, molluscs and shellfish; Fresh fish, mollusc and shellfish;

About South Australian Prawn Co-op

The South Australian Prawn Co-operative operates from the cool clear waters of Port Lincoln, South Australia, specialising in wild caught king prawns. We are owned and operated by a majority of fisherman who've been harvesting for three generations spanning forty years. Cool deep waters and the pristine environment along with sustainably managed fisheries provides the SA Prawn Co-op opportunity to market the best wild caught prawns in the world, branded as AUSSEA. The wild caught western king prawn species features a light yellow to brown body with blue legs and blue tail tip. Its sweet, succulent flavour and smooth texture make it a premium sought after product.




Category:Fresh and semi-preserved fish, molluscs and shellfish