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Thailand resumes frozen chicken meat export to China

Thailandis exporting 35 million Baht of frozen chicken meat to China, the firstshipment since the 2004 ban on Thailand chicken exports. An important industryin Thailand, chicken meat accounts for 85-percent of all exported meat. Upgrades to their poultryfarming system to meet international standards has led to Chinese approvalearlier this Month. Thailand hopes this will lead to growing exports in thefuture, as China is now Thailands largest trade partner. [Fullarticle]

China announces it's imposing new tariffs on128 US products

China announced new tariffs on128 US products, in retaliation for President Donald Trump's taxes on steel andaluminum imports. Notably, it includes 3 billion USD on imports, such as meat,fruit, and wine. Depending on the effect of those tariffs, Beijing couldescalate their response but has urged Washington to resolve this matter throughdiscussion and negotiation. But it is seen as a drop in the bucket given thatU.S. goods exported to China in 2016 totaled 115.6 billion USD. [Fullarticle]

China gets creative with dairy

Creativity within the Chinese consumer market has lead to innovative offerings that combine dairy in uniquely Chinese ways. While traditional uses like cheeseburgers, butter, cream, or mozzarella on pizza are now popular with Chinese consumers, products like fish and cheese flavored sausages, and cheese flavored lollipops, have helped companies like Fonterra, doubled their Chinese business in the past 4-years. New markets such as medical, and pediatric dairy products, as well as supply chain accountability have seen Fonterra's revenue from their Chinese business grow 60-percent from the previous year. [Full article]

Starbucks' Plans To Double Food Offerings Could Further Disrupt Traditional QSRs

A recent announcement byStarbucks suggests the Company plans on doubling its food business by 2021,encouraged by the growth of its box line, at 20-percent over two years, andbreakfast sandwich sales, which account for over 30-percent of total foodsales. Meanwhile, sales of their Sous Vide Egg Bites, designed to meet thedemand for protein and snacking, have increased by 60-percent since launch lastyear. Growth has largely been driven by millennials, and Starbucks is bettingthey will continue to spend a bit more, as they look for healthy, fresh,premium food options. [Fullarticle]

Record numberof bottles of UK wine on market in 2017

Growth in the UK wine market, a64-percent increase since 2016, has resulted in record high wine sales in 2017,topping 3.86 million bottles. In particular, new sparkling wine offerings likeBlanc de Blancs from Rathfinny in Sussex, which uses similar methods tochampagne production, are poised to hit the market soon, expecting to hitproduction targets of over 80,000 cases by 2025. In turn, Champagne houses likeVranken-Pommery have recognized an opportunity in South Englands chalky soilsand similar climate to grow production, investing in English wineries. Theindustry will be challenged to meet the growing demand. [Fullarticle]

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