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SIAL China’s weekly snapshot of the global food and beverage industry

The beef industry has fired its first shot in the fight againstcell-cultured meat


The US Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) hasfiled a petition with the US Department of Agriculture, asking it todifferentiate conventional meat from alternatives by creating a formal definition. The filling comes at a time when clean meat is receiving anincreased amount of attention and companies edge closer to getting a product tomarket.  [Full article]

China becomes top market for Chilean winemakers

Chinais one of the leading markets for Chilean wines, with exports growing 30percent from 2016. However, this growth didn’t happen overnight, said AlejandroSchwartzmann, manager of exports and marketing in Asia for Concha y Toro, oneof the world's largest winemakers. [Full article]

Big Food pressured by demand for fresh meals


Consumers preference for fresh foods has putfood makers under pressure in the U.S. Including many of the industries most familiar brands, causing these industrytitans to transform and offer more healthy products. [Full article]

China's bakery industry at pivotal point: saysnational food association


China’s bakery industry accounted forone-tenth of the nations total food and beverage industry. However, thecommittee overseeing China’s National Food Industry Association thinks themarket has room for improvement. [Full article]

Investors urge food companies to cut reliance on animal proteins


Areport titled Plant-Based Profits, backed by a coalition of more than 50investors is urging global food companies to diversify their protein sourcing.The report highlights projections that the market for alternative proteins,which use plant-based ingredients, willexpand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.29% in the next four years. [Full article]


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