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SIAL China’s weekly snapshot of the global food and beverage industry.

Seven Ways the Wine World Will Change in 2018

After a year of vine-killing frosts, hail, drought, and destructive wildfires in regions from across the globe, the wine industry has a lot to look forward to in 2018. Elin McCoy shares her predictions for the wine industry in this Bloomberg piece. [Full article]

China further reduces tariffs on Australian wine

Starting from January 1, 2018, import tariffs on Australian bottled wines to China have been cut from 5.6-percent to 2.8-percent, while tariffs on bulk wine have been reduced to 4-percent. The cuts were part of a Free Trade Agreement signed by the two countries in December 2015. But it gets even better! According to the agreement, by 2019, tariffs on Australian wine will be zero. [Full article]

Argentina will be able to send blueberries and dried peas to China

Argentina and China have signed an agreement that will open the Chinese market to Argentine fresh blueberries and dried peas. The deal was brokered last May when the Ministry of Agribusiness visited the People's Republic of China. [Full article]

Filipino-style fish, Japanese dude food, kimchi and 'kraut juice: A-Z of 2018's most hottest food trends 

In 2018, healthy and ¬environmentally conscious food will continue to boom, too many of us will be eating less meat, drinking less alcohol and worrying more about waste. These are just a few of the predictions in the Telegraphs alphabet inspired food trends. [Full article]

Global brands set to milk China rules

Recent changes to China's baby formula industry have cleared the way for international brands such as Nestle and Danone to take a greater share of the US$20 billion market. [Full article]

JD launches high end supermarket, joins battle for offline retail

China’s affluent consumers are about to have one more upscale grocery market option. That’s thanks to JD.com, one of the nations largest e-commerce companies. The store will feature imported produce and meats. [Full article]

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