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SIAL China’s weekly snapshot of the global food and beverage industry.

China proposes talks aimed at easing Fukushima-linked food import ban


China may lift an import ban imposed on 10 prefectures after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. China is among nine countries and regions that still have import restrictions in place. [Full article]

The food revolution may have just needed a cup of Blue Bottle

Coffee is attracting the attention of the venture community. With investors pouring millions into companies like Blue Bottle Coffee, La Colombe, and Philz, a diaspora of coffee graduates might be ready to jump into the startup ecosystem and disrupt the industry. [Full article]

How 2017 Spelled The End Of The Hippie Food Era


In 2017, it's hard to find a well-known natural food brand that isn't owned by a huge corporation. The corporatization of organic foods was put into the spotlight when retail behemoth Amazon acquired Whole Foods. [Full article]

Japan government to promote fugu exports to Asia


Fugu, or puffer fish, are rarely seen in marketplaces outside of Japan. But, the Japanese government is aiming to change this by promoting fugu as a new "Japanese brand" foodstuff. [Full article]


US food major Cargill to invest US$50m to double cooked poultry products capacity in China

Following 300 percent growth in its Chinese e-commerce business, Cargill will invest US$50 million to double its cooked poultry foods capacity in China to meet changing consumer demand.[Full article]

Five Consumer Trends in China We'll See in 2018

Increased disposable income in China is likely to fuel these five trends in 2018: Alibaba’s “New Retail” Strategy; Homegrown Brands Lose Their Stigma; Retail Goes Automated; Consumers Upgrade; Paying Up for Premium Digital Content. [Full article]

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