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SIAL China’s weekly snapshot of the global food and beverage industry.

Small Mexican growers keen to tickle Chinese taste buds

Small agricultural producers in Mexico see a huge opportunity in  China, as they look to export their value-added goods such as salsas and spirits, to new markets. In the past four years, Mexican products like avocado, beer, and tequila have gained a foothold in the Chinese market. In recent years, the Chinese government has opened the door to Mexican beef, pork, dairy, berries, corn, and leaf tobacco imports. 
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Blockchain Could Revolutionize the Food Industry

The same technology used to track bitcoin transactions is set to revolutionize the food industry. If applied to the food industry, Blockchain has the potential to lower transaction costs for food companies, improve efficiency, and create new business opportunities. Large companies like Wal-Mart and IBM have already invested in Blockchain, along with other large companies seeking to improve transparency and minimize food-fraud.
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The World’s Biggest Starbucks Opens in Shanghai. Here’s What It Looks Like

A newly opened Starbucks in Shanghai is the worlds biggest. The 29,000-square-foot store is staffed by some 400 employees and represents the biggest bet the American Company has placed on China. There are currently 3,000 Starbucks locations in China, and the company says it opens a new store at the rate of one every 15-hours.
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China’s food stores attract a new wave of snackers and e-shoppers

In prosperous Chinese cities, the future of grocery shopping is being reimagined. Shopping markets merge e-commerce with physical shopping, shoppers can scan their items using a mobile payment platform or choose to browse items virtually and have them delivered to their door. In China, 8.5-percent of annual grocery budgets are already spent online.
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