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Smithfield cooperates with JD.com and Shuanghui Development

Recently, An big event has happenedin New York, an agreement on a tripartite basis has been declared by theworld's largest pork company-WH Group Ltd., stating that Smithfield Foods Inc.,which is a subsidiary of WH Group Ltd., will cooperate with China's largestretailer-JD.com, and Henan Shuanghui Investment & Development Co. Ltd.

The agreement will bring an All-winsituation.

Through this cooperation, JD Fresh,which is the fresh food department of JD.com, will get the approval to sellSmithfield's pork products online in China, and it will become the only onlinesales platform in China. As we all know, the problems of food safety areconcerned by more and more Chinese. Smithfield’s good reputation in the foodindustry and its strong food safety platform, will Bring more safe porkproducts to Chinese consumers, such as bone-in cuts and variety frozen meatsmainly in small package. Besides pork products, over 10 kinds of exclusiveproducts will also be sold on JD.com.


To Shuanghui Development, it will targeton bringing more and more Smithfield and Shuanghui products to Chineseconsumers, which are both safe and high-quality products.


As for Smithfield, JD.com's stronge-commerce business platform and Shuanghui Development's large national sharein food industry in China, will help Smithfield get a Further development ine-commerce business field and expand its share in China.


Food safety is a key point in theagreement. Especially for meats, the freshness is the main point of concerns. Smithfield is famous for its producttraceability from raw materials to terminal products within the world. JD.comalso has its own block chaintracing technology, and has found the JD Tracing & Anti-CounterfeitAlliance. In this cooperation, the parties will set up a system for day - to -day monitoring in cold chain logistics.


In the U.S., Smithfield takes theresponsibility to monitor the temperature not only inside the cargo but alsoinside a container in real time. When truck arrives in China, two sets of coldchain distribution systems will work at once --from both JD.com and Shuanghui.The cooperation of parties in the cold chain and traceability can ensure everypiece of pork transported from the U.S. to China is fresh. Chinese consumers cantrack every piece of pork through its "identity information".


The products are the beginning ofthe cooperation of the parties, there will be a further cooperates onother area,such as big data, Analysis ofcustomer consumption habits, domestic product demand, etc. All parties areexpecting further cooperation in the future.