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The drink habbit is changing. Traditional alcholic drinking scenary is shifting to a multi-selection situation. As result we combined alcoholic with beer and non-alcoholic drinks, and bring forward a general "Beverage" concept. During the 2020 SIAL China we will also provide a serice of concurrent events, include Wine innovation forum, Best Buy Selection, Bar Zone and etc, to meet requirements for all beverage fans.

Exhibits contents

Non Alcoholic drinks

  • Fruit and vegetables juices, Syrups and concentrates, Fruit drinks, Mineral and spring waters, Carbonated beverages

Hot Beverages

Alcoholic Beverage

  • Spirits & Wine
  • Beer


Theme Villiage


- Organic products

- Health

- Dietetic & Diet products

- Plant-based product


Contact Us

Contact Fernando MEDINA ZENOFF
Tel + 33 (0)1 7677 1333
E-mail exhibit.sialchina@sial-network.com

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