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Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign trade is facing increasing uncertain and unstable factors. In this context, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province decides to work with SIAL China, for opening up new channels for agricultural product export, building a bridge between domestic supply and foreign demand. In addition, the department plans to hold the Zhejiang Export Agricultural Products Virtual Expo 2020 (Europe-America Station: Beverage Fair) in late July and the Zhejiang Export Agricultural Products Virtual Expo 2020 (Europe-America Station: Fruit & Vegetable Fair) in mid-August.

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Zhejiang leads green drinks

As an element of the Chinese culture, tea also represents a kind of health drink in the world. As a province famous for its green tea, Zhejiang will hold the first "Zhejiang Beverages" activity during the beverage fair, which will invite 30 selected Zhejiang enterprises whose products are represented by tea and tea beverages, including the famous export tea brand "CAMEL" and Zhejiang's top ten famous teas. Giant in the instant milk tea industry XIANGPIAOPIAO and representative of the lactobacillus beverage industry Wahaha will certainly be invited.



We hope that in the post-pandemic era, people will pay more attention to healthy eating habits, and we can say that Zhejiang leads the development of China's green drinks.

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